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Macedonia MB Churc

In 1923 Reverend Henry Rice was given a piece of land by a gentleman know only a Mr. Cap to organize the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.  The first meeting was held in a building that was arranged and directed by Reverend Rice.  Through the years, the church began to evolve and several pastors answered the call to lead the charge to make disciples of men.  In 1928, Reverend Norman Bailey was selected pastor.  In 1932, Reverend Gamble began tenure as pastor that lasted for four years.  During 1936 through part of 1938, Reverend Steward was pastor.  Later in 1938, Reverend Maurice Douglas pastored for two and a half years.  There were several pastors that helped lay the framework for the next 20 years including Reverend Blackman, Reverend Gamble, Reverend Lindsey, and Reverend Jessie McClinton.


In 1958, Reverend W.C. Vine was selected as pastor.  At this time, the church had all of its officers that were customary in a Baptist Church.  Between 1960 and 1966, there were three short pastorates:  Reverend Robertson, Reverend Moore, and Reverend T.H. Davis.  Macedonia continued to grow with the help of God.

In 1966 God saw that the church needed some stability to propel the church to another level, so he sent Reverend W.T. Kennedy who served faithfully for 28 years.  On October 31, 1979, a horrible fire completely destroyed the church building.  The cause of the fire was unknown, but God was going to get glory from this tragedy and turn it into a triumph.  The church kept praying and God allowed a new sanctuary, to be erected in 1981.  God abundantly blessed the church in a short period of time.  God was at work, but his work through the leadership of Pastor Kennedy was now complete.  In early 1994, Pastor Kennedy entered into eternal rest.

In February 1994 Reverend Frank Wordlaw was selected pastor.  Reverend Wordlaw served for nine years.  It was during this time that God was maturing the next Pastor for the flock.  A new day was drawing and another direction was needed.

In September 2003, Reverend D.P. Dawkins was selected to be the pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.  Pastor Dawkins grew up in Macedonia and served faithfully under both the leadership of Pastor Kennedy and Pastor Wordlaw.  God has given him a vision for leading the people and has equipped him with spiritual gifts to advance God’s church to a new level.  Under his leadership the church has experienced a period of consistent growth.  Through his dynamic teaching and preaching souls are being saved and lives are being changed.  We thank God for our past, we celebrate Him in the present, and we are looking forward to what God is going to fulfill in the future.


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